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Our InventoryServices

Inventory Issue

Smart Inventories NI will visit your property and create a full comprehensive inventory report using our chosen industry leading inventory app. The report will list each and every item that makes up the property from the colour of the ceiling to the number of plug sockets. This accurate and detailed the report will reduce the possibility of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.


It is good to note that before you ask us to attend to issue an Inventory Report it is important to make sure that the property is completely ready and that any cleaning, decorating or other work planned has been done before we go to compile the Inventory. All furniture and any other items to be included in the Tenancy need to be present and, by Law, must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations.
Put simply, the property and any other items you are including need to be in the condition that the Tenant will receive them in.


It will help our clerks if you could advise where meters are located, ensure that funds are added to any prepayment meters, provide a full set of keys to enable access to all areas, state where there is any allocated parking and provide entry codes or alarm codes.  


Should you decide to have the property professionally cleaned prior to the tenancy start and a receipt is available then a photo of the receipt can be included within the inventory. 


We will note the following:

  • all the rooms, furnishings and fittings included in the tenancy 

  • the conditions of the same 

  • meter readings which can be used to set up utility accounts 

  • standard of cleaning in the property 

  • independent, photographic evidence of the property’s general condition.

The report will be provided to the tenant (in digital format) to verify. Each report has embedded photographs with supporting comments where needed and can be signed digitally. There is a space provided for any necessary notes to be added should anything be missed or incorrectly described.


Check-in Service

Smart Inventories NI offer an optional attended check-in service where one of our trained and certified clerks meet your tenant at the property and carry out the following:

  • show the inventory to the tenant and walk them around the property 

  • record any details the tenant identifies during the walkthrough which were not already listed in the inventory 

  • tenant electronically signs the inventory

  • retake/check the meter readings

  • picture and list keys given to tenant 

  • hand over keys to the tenant (if the landlord is not present) 

Family Real Estate

Check-out Report Issue

Smart Inventories NI visit the rental property at the end of the Tenancy either with or without the Tenant present. The property is inspected throughout and a note is made of any changes between the present condition of the property and that described on the Inventory Report compiled before the start of the Tenancy.
The Check-Out Report is prepared without prejudice and will include specific details with regard to the general condition and cleanliness of the property. We will also note any items that are broken, damaged or missing from the property plus any additional items that have been discarded and were not part of the original inventory
Please note that the Tenant must have moved out of the property together with all of their belongings and any pre-arranged cleaning  completed prior to the time we are due to visit the property.


This is one of the most important parts of our inventory services, because our clerk will determine and clearly show any damages or deterioration noting whether it is considered fair wear and tear. 

We will note the following:

  • maintenance issues that have been created during the tenancy 

  • cleaning issues that have been created (or added to) during the tenancy 

  • items that need to be removed 

  • items that are now missing 

  • the keys the tenant has returned (unless handed to agent/landlord beforehand) 

  • the tenant’s forwarding address (if the tenant is present) 

  • final meter readings 

Interim Reports/Mid-term Inspection visits

When a property is let, it is beneficial to both the Landlord and the Tenant to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Effective communication is very important and any issues relating to the property need to be sorted out quickly and in a way that is fair to both parties. Both Landlords and Tenants can benefit from our Interim Reports service which can be arranged once a Tenancy is underway, at an appropriate interval to suit your requirements. An Interim Report although less detailed than a full inventory will show any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings, alert to any additional occupiers, pets etc.. This can notify Landlords of any damage that may have occurred due to faulty equipment, such as a leaky washing machine or perhaps possible mistreatment of furniture or carpets.
An Interim Report can alert both Landlords and Tenants to any potential liabilities that they themselves may be responsible for. By dealing with any such things early on, both parties can take the necessary steps to resolve matters in order to avoid unexpected and costly problems which may become worse during the remainder of the Tenancy.


These visits can simply provide peace of mind that the property is being looked after and should there be any problems, they can be rectified before the issue gets out of hand.


Please note however, that our clerks are not professional tradespeople, plumbers, damp specialists or similar so we can only note the visible condition and will not be able to imply/diagnose the cause of any water damage, faults etc.

Please note that we can offer a wide range of additional landlord services via our business partners to include:

Financial/Mortgage/Insurance advise

Professional tenant referencing

Tenancy document issue

Redecoration/renovation works

General gardening or maintenance

Supply or replacement of appliances

Please contact us to speak with an advisor

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